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Friends have been asking me about Adrian Alebin (YouTube video above is about him) and how I am related to the guy who many fondly refer to as their “upline.”

He happens to be my son-in-law: someone who has been able to transform himself from very humble beginnings into becoming (arguably) the most prominent personality in Northern Luzon among those who have an interest in the Royal Business Club International.


Adrian Mark Alebin – As I know Him

Today, he is acknowledged as the Supremo of the Royale Spartans group– of the many who have made it big by engaging in multi-level marketing in the Royale Business Club International. The guy who drives a brand new white Audi R8– which he obtained through his efforts from Royale. But most importantly, the one who has been able to help numerous other people replicate his success in Royale.

To me, he is the lucky guy singled-out by my only daughter (Jolina a.k.a. Jamie); chosen to be her life’s partner and the father of my very first grandson (Jasper).

The following is my short version of their success story, that many can learn from and be inspired with.

It was October 1999 when Jamie got married to Adrian. I was very concerned about her choice for a lifetime partner. After all, my upbringing has taught me that everyone’s best bet towards a stable future is to obtain a college education and a steady job. Adrian had neither. But my better judgement has told me not to interfere with my children’s choices in life.

For several years thereafter, I painfully saw my daughter and son-in-law take up life’s challenges. A second grandson (Justin) also came to fore, without any noticeable improvement for them.

This father often silently asked… “what are they doing for their future?” A straight answer to the question became difficult to them… and to me. In 2009, they have been married for ten years, and continued to look for answers.

After arriving (with my spouse Josie) from our short-lived migration to the U.S. (in 2011), we came back to Baguio–happily noticing the brand new Montero Sport vehicle bearing a Royale sticker on the rear window parked in our family compound. I did not have much to wait as Adrian and Jamie moved into the apartment adjoining our home. It was with great satisfaction that their new abode metamorphosed to a fully furnished place.

Next I was informed about the purchase of a three-bedroom condominium unit in Quezon City. Then… the brand new, white Audi. Recently, they asked for my advise regarding the vacant lot-property where their family home home will be constructed. There seems to be no end to the blessings that continue to arrive…

As I look at him today, Adrian has re-invented himself into the embodiment of maturity and self-confidence. I would want to believe that it was because of my daughter that he has been inspired to (against difficult odds) make something of himself.

I feel great joy in my heart as I constantly listen to Adrian and Jamie manifest gratitude to Life, and its many blessings. What more can a father ask for his only daughter…?

Raffy Chan